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Course and section reports are available the day after the Grades Due deadline for non-graduating students listed on the Key Dates for End-Term Feedback page.

Viewing the reports

To access your course reports, sign into the course evaluation system through either of the following options:

  • through this direct link:
  • in Axess > click the arrow next to Instructor > My Teaching History > Course and Section Evaluations > Link to the evaluation system near the top of the page.

Terms in which you have available reports will be listed under Project Results (you may need to scroll down to see all of your available terms). You can also access a list of projects by selecting the Results > Project Results menu. When you select a term, your course(s) for that term are listed. To access the reports for a specific course, click the Report icon on the far right side of the page:

Available report options for course evaluation report.

Click the version of the report you would like to generate a PDF that you can open in your browser or on your computer.

Description of Available Reports

All available reports include a summary of the numerical data, and the "+ Comments" reports will also include all written comments. The reports all show the data and responses to the standard questions included on all course feedback forms and any additional questions added by the instructor. All reports are automatically generated as a PDF file.

Course Report: This report mimics the legacy system Course Report in look and feel. The data is formatted in the same way with a similar color scheme.

Detailed Report: A quantitative report without write-in comments.

Detailed Report + Comments: A quantitative report including write-in comments. This report is the equivalent to the legacy system Course Report and is the most comprehensive report.

Short Report: A condensed, quantitative report without write-in questions.

Short Report + Comments: A condensed, quantitative report including write-in comments.

Response Report: Each individual form submission’s set of responses, similar to the Individual Responses report in the legacy system.

Raw Data: Data file in Excel format.

Examples of Report Data

Below are examples of how the question data for qualitative questions are displayed in the reports. These examples are showing the results for the same question from a course.

Course Report

Course report quantitative data

Detailed Report

Detailed report quantitative data

Short Report

Short report quantitative data

Comparison Data

The Detailed Report and Detailed Report + Comments reports include a department and school comparison for the four core, quantitative questions common to all course evaluations:

Department and school comparison data graph

The reports also show a department and school comparison for all quantitative questions:

Department and school comparison data

The Short Report and Short Report + Comments reports also include the department and school comparison for all quantitative questions, but the data is displayed differently:

Department and school comparison data

Batch Report Downloads

If you have multiple courses available in a given project, you can download multiple course reports at the same time by creating a Batch Report. From your Project Results page, select the courses you would like to download reports for (clicking the checkbox next to Course Code will select all available courses) and then click Batch Report:

List of courses selected for generating a batch report download.

When you click Batch Report, a window pops up where you provide a name for the report, select which version of the course report you would like, and how you would like the batch provided:

Batch Report pop-up window.

Click "Go" to generate the batch report. You will receive an email with a link to download the generated batch report.

Pre-Fall 2015 Course Reports

The course evaluation system has all available reports back through Fall 2015. If you need reports prior to Fall 2015, please email us at

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