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End-Term Feedback

Beginning in the Winter 2021 term, we will be implementing a new platform for online end-term course evaluations. Please see the New Course Evaluation System page for additional information.

You can access the new course evaluation system through this link:

Information for customizing your course feedback form is available on the Customize Your Feedback page.

Information for customizing your section feedback form is available on the Feedback for Assistants & Fellows page.


Important Information Regarding COVID-19

Due to the disruptions to teaching and learning at the end of the 2019-2020 Winter term, the COVID-19 Academic Continuity Group -- with approval from all school deans -- decided to remove numerical results related to three core questions common to most student course evaluation forms. The results from these questions have been eliminated from the course evaluation system and will not appear in Course Reports or any other data downloads for the 2019-2020 Winter term.

  • How much did you learn from this course?
  • Overall, how would you describe the quality of the instruction in this course?
  • How organized was the course?

The COVID-19 Academic Continuity Group and school deans have also authorized the release of the removed results from Winter 2019-2020 evaluations to individual instructors for their own course(s) upon request. If you would like these results for your course(s), please submit this request form.


Stanford's end-term course feedback forms, introduced in Autumn Quarter 2015-16, were designed to provide the campus a renewed opportunity for considering student perspectives on their learning experiences in Stanford classes. For instructors, course feedback can provide insight into what is working well and suggest ways to develop your teaching and better promote student learning— particularly in relation to the specific objectives you are working to achieve. Understanding how students reflect on their learning is a useful tool among the many options for developing instructional practice. The forms are also shorter and easier to fill out. 

The questions are designed to:

  • Focus on learning
  • Increase student self-reflection
  • Provide instructors and departments with useful data
  • Be customized and relevant to each course
  • Support broad Stanford priorities: using feedback to improve student learning, courses, and programs, and using analytics to address critical questions

The Course Feedback Form

View Course Feedback Questions

The Course Feedback Form is used by primary and secondary instructors. Questions in the Course Feedback Form facilitates student participation, invites greater self-reflection, and yields useful information for faculty members. The course evaluation customization window is open during weeks 4 - 8 of the academic term.

The Section Feedback Form 

View Section Feedback Questions

Many courses at Stanford include sections, labs, or discussion groups that supplement the primary instruction and that are led by instructors of various types, including lecturers, fellows, and graduate student teaching assistants. The Section Feedback Form is used by section, lab, or discussion group instructors, and can be customized during weeks 4-8 of the academic term.

Course feedback represents just one type of window into the teaching and learning process and are most useful when complemented by other methods. There are many approaches to gathering valuable insights, ideas, and information to support good teaching; that is, teaching that helps students learn disciplinary skills, approaches, and concepts that they can productively bring to new situations.

Read more about using student feedback to improve learning in our Teaching for Student Learning resource

Course Evaluation Data Access & Reporting

More information on course evaluation report access is available on our Course Evaluation Data Access & Reporting page.

Key Dates

Key dates for end-term feedback
Check the dates for end-term feedback for the academic year.



Frequently asked questions
Get answers to some common questions.


Principles of Evaluation

Key principles of evaluation
Key ideas guiding evaluations and student feedback at Stanford.