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Input from Students

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  • End-term student feedback forms. Customizable forms provide for responses on distinct learning objectives and other course elements. The full range of responses, including written comments and not just average scores, can help evaluate teaching. Learn about Stanford's end-term course feedback process and how to customize your feedback.
  • Alumni letters and surveys. Many institutions collect this data and find the perspective of recent graduates highly valuable. However, alumni ratings correlate highly with those of current students.
  • Focus groups and interviews can give more personalized and nuanced views of student experience and are often used to strengthen a department’s programs. Learn about Small Group Feedback Sessions at Stanford.
  • Assessment of student learning outcomes. Direct measures of student learning, if done appropriately, can be the most convincing evidence regarding the effectiveness of teaching. Because a broad range of factors affect student learning, pre- and post-measures and comparison groups are required to distinguish the impact of teaching from other factors.
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Key dates for end-term feedback

Check the dates for end-term feedback for the academic year.

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Frequently asked questions

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