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Getting Help with the Course Evaluation System

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If you have general questions about the end-term course evaluation process, please email us at

Department Administrator Reporting

We created this guide that describes the various reports available in the course evaluation system and how to access them. If you would like to schedule a walkthrough of the available administrator reports, please submit this Administrator Reporting Help request form.

Customizing End-Term Questions

Instructors, TAs/CAs/Fellows, and administrators who have been granted permission to add custom questions to course feedback form(s) can do so beginning in week 4 of the term (please see our Key Dates page for specific dates). No changes to the standard form questions can be made, but additional questions can be added.

The following pages walk through the customization process:
Customizing your Course Feedback form
Customizing your Section/TA Feedback form

If you need help or would like an overview of the customization process during the customization period, please submit this Customization Help request form to schedule a session with us.

Drop-in Hours

During the last week of the customization period, we will have drop-in hours to provide help with customization questions or issues. These sessions will be geared towards helping instructors and TAs with specific questions or issues with the customization process. We will be available on Zoom during the "Drop-in Hours" listed on the schedule below.

To join the Zoom session, click the "Drop-in Hours Zoom Information" link below.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we have to cancel the drop-in hours on Thursday, March 9 and Friday, March 10. Please email any questions or issues to and we will help you over email.

Drop-in Hours Zoom Information

Drop-in Sessions

March 6 Mon

Drop-in Hours 2pm - 4pm

March 7 Tue

Drop-in Hours 1pm - 3pm

March 8 Wed

Drop-in Hours 2pm - 4pm

March 9 Thu

Drop-in Hours 3pm - 5pm

March 10 Fri

Drop-in Hours 3pm - 5pm



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Key dates for end-term feedback

Check the dates for end-term feedback for the academic year.

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Frequently asked questions

Get answers to some common questions.