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Use Custom Question Templates

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A set of question templates has been provided to allow you to easily add custom close-ended (single select response) and open-ended (free text response) questions. This will save you time and effort and ensure the question settings are correct. 

In addition to the steps below, there is a detailed guide with screenshots of the system to help walk you through the process of using these question templates to add your custom learning goals: Adding Custom Close- and Open-Ended Questions

These steps assume you have already created a custom question survey that is explained on the Customize Your Feedback page.

  1. To access the question templates, click the Select Question Type dropdown and select Item Bank Question
  2. Click Add
  3. On the following page, click the Select a Survey dropdown and select Custom Question Templates
  4. Click Get Questions
  5. A number of question templates are available with different sets of response options for you to use. Select the question templates with the relevant response options for your questions by clicking the checkbox just above the question number. An open-ended question template is available at the bottom of the list of templates if you would like to add an open-ended question.
  6. Once you have selected the templates you want to use, click Add Selected at either the top or bottom of the list of question templates

The question templates are then added to your custom question survey. You can edit the templates to replace the default text by clicking the Edit icon that looks like a pencil for each question. When editing the question, you can replace the default text in the Question Text field with your specific question prompt and then click the Update Question Text button to save your changes. While you can see all of the question settings, you can only change the question text. Continue editing the questions to replace the default text with your specific question prompts.

NOTE: Questions that display the CustomTextStart and CustomTextEnd text in either the LO Item Bank Question or Item Bank Question lists can be customized by changing the text between those tags.

If you would like to use the same set of response options for more than one question, you can create a copy of the questions in your custom question survey by clicking the copy icon for the question. Once you create a copy, you can edit the Question Text again for the new question.

If you need to change the order of questions in your custom survey, use the # field and arrows on the far right side of a question to move it up or down in the order of questions in your survey. For example, entering 3 in the # field and clicking the up arrow will move a question three questions up in your survey.

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