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Accessing Course Reports By Term

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To access reports from a particular term, navigate to Project Results. Your dashboard includes a Project Results section that lists terms with available reports with the most recent terms listed first. Click the link for the term to see the courses you have access to within that term:

List of terms under Project Results

Note, this is a scrolling window that only lists the 25 most recent terms. To see a complete list of terms, click View All in the upper right corner of the Project Results section or select the Results > Project Results menu option.

Within a given term, the By Hierarchy Level tab allows you to download an aggregated report across all of the courses you have access to. You can select which version of the report you would like. This page provides descriptions of the available reports.

The By Hierarchy Level tab for a term.

The Course Section tab lists all of the courses you have access to for that term. For a given course, you can click the View icon and select any of the available reports for that course:

The Course Section tab for a term under Project Results.

After selecting which report you would like, a PDF of the report is automatically generated and downloaded to your computer. You can open the PDF in your browser or locally on your computer. You can also download multiple reports in a batch and that process is described below.

The By Instructor tab lists the available course reports by instructor with the same options for downloading a single report using the View icon or downloading multiple reports in a batch as described below.

Please note, Section/TA feedback is handled separate from the main Course feedback and will be available in separate projects. As a result, the By TA tab will not show the Section/TA reports. For each term under Project Results, you will see a Course Feedback project, which contains the main Course feedback reports, and you will see a Section Feedback project, which contains all of the Section/TA feedback. TAs will be listed on the By Instructor tab for all Section Feedback projects.

Batching Reports

You can download multiple reports in a batch from any page that shows the Batch Report icon. For example, from the Course Section tab in a given term, select which courses you want reports for, or click the checkbox to the left of Code to select all of your courses and then click the Batch Report link:

Batch Report option to download multiple reports.

A dialog box opens where you give the batch report a name and can select the version of the report you would like for each course under the Report Type dropdown:

Batch Report pop-up window.

Once you select the report type, you can also select whether to download each report as a separate PDF in a zip file, merge all of the reports into one PDF, or aggregate data into one report:

Batch Report pop-up window.

When you have made your selections, click GO. You will receive a confirmation that the batch report is being generated and you will receive an email with a link to download your report.

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