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Small Group Feedback Session

In a Small Group Feedback Session (SGFS), a trained evaluator comes to your class during the last 20 minutes and, in your absence, places your students in small groups. Each group comes to a consensus on what is contributing to their learning in the class, what needs improvement, and (optionally) what students themselves can do to improve the course. The evaluator summarizes these responses, making them as specific as possible and resolving or clarifying contradictions among groups, and presents them to you later in a private consultation.

SGFSs focus student comments on high priority issues, resulting in results that are rich, specific, and readily translatable into productive course changes. 

SCHEDULE YOURS FOR WEEKS 4-6 OF THE QUARTER. After that, it'll be too late to put into practice what you learn. Please submit your request at least one week prior to your desired SGFS date.

Teaching two or more sections? Feel free to request an SGFS for each one.

  • Grad students and TAs: be sure to use the second button to schedule a SGFS.
  • For teaching teams that include both grads and faculty, the faculty member should submit the request, using the first button.


Schedule SGFS (Faculty, lecturers, postdocs)  

Schedule SGFS (Grad/TA)

Key Dates

Key dates for end-term feedback.
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Principles of Evaluation

Key principles of evaluation.
Key ideas guiding evaluations and student feedback at Stanford.