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Customize Your Feedback

To give you the most useful feedback, you can customize Stanford's end-term course feedback form to find out exactly what you want to know about your class. One important option is the ability to add course learning goals, as well as course elements, and questions of your own devising.


Beginning in the Winter 2021 term, we will be using a new course evaluation system, EvaluationKit. This replaces the previous customization platform, Course Leaf.
In EvaluationKit, you will still be able to add learning goal, course element, and custom close- and open-ended questions.
You can access EvaluationKit through this link (you will be prompted to sign in through the normal Stanford Web Authentication for university websites):
If you are not teaching in the Winter 2021 term, you may end up on a blank page if you follow the above login link. If this is the case, it just means you have not been added to EvaluationKit yet. If you would like access ahead of your next teaching term, please email us at
A guide for adding custom questions to your course form in EvaluationKit is available here:
We are also offering a number of scheduled training sessions and drop-in hours to support you through this transition.
Assigning proxies to add custom questions on your behalf works differently in the new system. If you would like to assign a proxy, or proxies, to add custom questions for you, or you have your instructor's permission to add custom questions for them, please fill out this proxy request form and we will provide the necessary access.
If you are interested in potentially adding school or department level questions across courses, please visit this School/Department Customization informational page.

Key Dates

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Principles of Evaluation

Key principles of evaluation
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