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Suggested Remote Learning Questions

The questions below, developed in collaboration with CTL and VPUE are suggestions for instructors looking to customize their evaluations to help inform any future remote and online learning.


Remote Learning Questions Answers
What went well with the remote/online learning in this course?  Open-ended
Did the [insert major component of the course such as lectures, assignments here] work well in the online format? 
How would you improve this component of the course?

Yes, it worked well, It worked somewhat well, No, it did not work well online.

The second part of the question should be open-ended.

How did the online format of your learning impact your engagement with the instructor, your peers, and your overall sense of belonging in the Stanford learning community? Open-ended
What about the remote/online learning in this course could be improved and how? Open-ended
Is there anything about this course that you think transitioned particularly well to the online learning format? Please describe Open-ended
Is there anything about this course that you think did not transition well to the online learning format? What could be improved? Open-ended
Is there anything that is limiting your ability to participate in online learning activities? Yes, No
If “yes” please describe the situation.


Instructors with large classes might prefer multiple-choice with an option to add “other”. Multiple-choice options could include: lack of access to basic needs, health concerns, mental health concerns, caretaking or other household responsibilities, other time pressures (e.g. jobs), internet connectivity problems, lack of quiet place to study, other (with space to explain the other) 

What additional questions or concerns do you have about the remote/online learning in this course? Open-ended


Key Dates

Key dates for end-term feedback
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Frequently asked questions
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Principles of Evaluation

Key principles of evaluation
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