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Online Feedback

On this page, the following commonly used feedback systems at Stanford -- Canvas, Google Forms, Qualtrics, and Poll Everywhere -- are recommended as self-service options to generate a mid-term evaluation survey. 

Anonymous online surveys are effective teaching tools that help provide the opportunity to gather feedback, make modifications, assess prior student knowledge, and perform active learning exercises. There are a variety of tools enable instructors to create and customize surveys and capture detailed anonymous feedback. Four tools to create surveys are listed below with supplemental resources. General recommendations for online surveys are to assure students of anonymity, to write precise questions, keep the survey short, and to quickly review and respond to student feedback after it is captured. For more information, please see the Responding to Online Feedback page.

If you need help with the online survey tools, or with interpreting your results, meet with a VPTL consultant by clicking on the "Contact Us" button at the top of the page.

VPTL Evaluations offers a template of commonly used questions you can use for your feedback surveys.

Common Tools for Collecting Online Feedback


Recommended for: Courses with only one instructor or one TA that are using Canvas.

Import the VPTL mid-term feedback survey from Canvas Commons, add custom questions and your name, and then publish it in Canvas for students to complete anonymously.

You can download the results directly to a comma-separated values (.csv) file for your own analysis, and we can also connect you to a VPTL consultant who can help you review results and translate insights into action.

Get instructions for your Canvas survey.


Google Forms

Recommended for: Instructors that are accustomed to the Google Suite that want a quick and easy survey with basic reporting capabilities.

Google Forms can be used to design anonymous surveys, providing long-form or multiple choice questions, basic Likert-scale answer keys, and basic statistical data. VPTL Evaluations offers premade short, long, and end-term evaluation forms.

Access VPTL’s Pre-Made Google Evaluation Form Templates
VPTL’s pre-made forms require some edits and modification.
Users of the Google Form are asked to Copy the Google Form to your own Google Drive so that the form and collected data is owned by you. To do this:

1. Go to the VPTL Google Folder (note: you must be signed into your Stanford affiliated Google account to access this folder)
2. Right click on the VPTL Google Form you’d like to send to your students. Click Make a Copy.

3. Open your copy of the Google Form and review the instructions embedded in the Google Form itself
4. When you have completed your edits, send the link of the Google Form to your students.

Instructors can also make their own Google Forms. More details and information are listed below.

VPTL Evaluation Google Form Templates

How to use Google Forms

How to Edit Your Google Form

How to Send Your Form to Students

Google Forms General Information



Recommended for: Instructors that have a University account in Qualtrics that want to create a survey with basic to advanced evaluation form set-up and reporting capabilities.

Instructors can use Stanford Qualtrics software to design anonymous surveys and send the survey link to students, or post the link to their Canvas course site. Qualtrics is designed to provide simple or more advanced survey options with a broad range of statistics. A question bank is provided on this page if an instructor chooses to create their own set of questions and have a survey immediately available.

Make your own Stanford Qualtrics survey

Qualtrics Basic Survey Overview

How to Anonymize Your Qualtrics survey


Poll Everywhere

Recommended for: Anyone with a Stanford account can access Poll Everywhere. Poll Everywhere allows instructors to create a survey with basic to advanced evaluation forms and reporting. Poll Everywhere also integrates with PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides.

Instructors can use Stanford Poll Everywhere software to design anonymous surveys and send the survey link to students, incorporate the link in their course slides, or post the link to their Canvas course site. Poll Everywhere is designed to provide simple or more advanced survey options, and is a common tool used in active learning pedagogy.

Access Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere VPTL Support

Poll Everywhere Additional Resource

Key Dates

Key dates for end-term feedback
Check the dates for end-term feedback for the academic year.


Frequently asked questions
Get answers to some common questions.

Principles of Evaluation

Key principles of evaluation
Key ideas guiding evaluations and student feedback at Stanford.