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We have developed a number of dashboards and reports that support continuous improvement by giving stakeholders insight into key areas of the learning experience. These dashboards generally fall into one of three levels of analysis:

  1. Course-level analyses explore areas such as trends in how students are navigating the course website or whether specific course elements (e.g., online discussions) are being used as expected and enhancing the learning experience.
    • How are students navigating through the course? What resources are the students using the most (e.g., home page, assignments, discussions, etc.)? 
    • Are there specific assignments, files, discussion topics, etc. that are particularly problematic or popular? 
    • Is there a specific day I should send announcements to my students? What is the viewing pattern of my course over a day, week, and/or month?
    • Which types of discussion topics generate the richest interactions? 

  2. Department-level analyses explore areas such as which tools or course designs best support student learning in specific disciplines or identifying students who may be falling behind. 
    • How does tool usage, interaction patterns, and communication frequency differ from term-to-term? 
    • What percentage of courses use Canvas? Are there any engagement patterns that are associated with the courses offered?
    • Can we identify students that are at risk of falling behind early on in the term?

  3. School-level analyses explore areas such as trends in tool usage that can inform improvements in instructor support and training or identifying exemplar course designs that might generalize across departments.
    • What are the dominant teaching trends in our school (e.g., discussion based, test-based, etc)?
    • Which courses have the most students at risk of falling behind? 
    • Which Canvas tools are used the most and can help inform new ways of teaching with digital tools?


These reports aim to help with insightful decision-makings that results in actionable insights. In most cases, we recommend setting up an initial consultation.

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