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Online Feedback

Get teaching feedback mid-quarter

VPTL has designed two services to help you get feedback from students mid-way through the quarter so that you can make quick adjustments and optimize your students’ learning experience.

Online Survey

Set up a survey to send to your students during weeks 4-6 of the quarter, starting from a template we provide. We'll activate it and give you the link to share with your students.

After it's closed, we'll send you a confidential report of the anonymous results, curated to keep out inappropriate comments. We can connect you with a consultant in your disciplinary area who can help you interpret your results and put them into action.

Create Online Survey

Key Dates

Key dates for end-term feedback.
Check the dates for end-term feedback for the academic year.


Frequently asked questions.
Answers to common questions.

Principles of Evaluation

Key principles of evaluation.
Key ideas guiding evaluations and student feedback at Stanford.