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Customize Your Feedback

To give you the most useful feedback, you can customize Stanford's end-term course feedback form to find out exactly what you want to know about your class. One important option is the ability to add course learning goals, as well as course elements, and questions of your own devising.

To get started, go to the online course customization page.

All the courses and sections you are associated with as an instructor are displayed on the Course Evaluations page after you sign in. Click on a course to preview work to date below the list of courses.

Click Edit Evaluation to open the Course Evaluation Customization Form for that course.

Adding a proxy

On the Course Evaluations welcome page, you can add other users as proxies to work with you on course customization.

In the Your proxies list, double-click Add proxy…. The Add proxy to configure course evaluations dialog box appears. Type in the SUNet ID of your proxy and click OK.

Double-click your proxies

Entering learning goals

Describe the learning goals for your course. These are valuable for assessing students' reported achievement of the specific learning outcomes of your course. Visit Writing Learning Goals for questions to help you articulate those goals and examples of learning goals in various disciplines.

Click in the Goal text box and type in your learning goal.

Use one text box for each goal:

  • To add another learning goal, click the Click to add a new row button (+).
  • To delete a learning goal, click the adjacent Delete this row (x) button.

Add Learning Goals

Selecting course elements

By selecting course elements, such as textbook, labs, online resources, field trips, and more, you can get feedback on the specific components of your course, and especially on anything new you're trying.

Click the check box next to a course element to select it. You can select up to five course elements.

  • To add a custom course element, select Other and type the description of the course element in the Description text box.
  • If you select Textbook, type the name of the textbook in the Title text box.

List of Course Elements

Creating additional questions

Besides the required questions of the evaluation, you can add some of your own. This is your chance to get student input on aspects of your course not already covered.

You might ask your students:

  • How your new TA organization worked for them?
  • How they appreciate the intellectual coherence of the course?
  • What other topics they would like to see in the syllabus?

You can add up to three closed-ended questions and up to three open-ended questions.

To add a closed-ended question, type your question in the Question text box and select the answer set from the Response Type drop-down list.

Add Closed-ended Question

To add an open-ended question, type your question in the Question text box.

To add another question, click the Click to add a new row button (+), and to delete a question, click the adjacent Delete this row (x) button.

Copying from a previous evaluation

You can copy your customizations from another course to the current form. This is useful if you are working on several sections and want to copy customization options from one section to the other, if you are working on a course you have customized in previous quarters, or to copy the options to a cross-listed course.

Click the Copy Prior Evaluation button at the top of the form. Select a previous evaluation from the Select Eval list and click OK. The customization options of the previous evaluation will be copied to and replace the options on the current course form.

Saving and Submitting

To save your work and return to edit the form later, click Save Work. The form will not be submitted, and you and your proxies (if any) can return and make changes.

When you are satisfied with all changes, scroll to the end of the form and click Submit. The form will be submitted to the course evaluations system.

Cancel Save Submit buttons

Note: You can return to make changes after you submit. Once the form is submitted, any saved changes will be uploaded automatically to the survey when the customization period closes. However, only the user (course instructor or proxy) who clicked Submit will be able to return and edit the form.

Course Evaluation Form User Guide

For detailed instructions on using the course evaluation customization form, click here to view and download the PDF:

 Course Evaluation Customization Guide PDF


For evaluation question best practices, check out our tips on How to Write Questions.

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